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ZL77 Calling Smartwatch

RTL8763EWE 2.02inch 240*296 IP68 Dafit APP Battery 230mAh Standby 10-15days Using 5-7days

ZL40 AMOLED Calling

SF551-QFN+ BK3296 1.43 inch 466*466 IP67 Dafit APP Battery 220mAh Bluetooth 5.1 HeartRate HX3690

ZL54 Calling Smartwatch

RTL8763EWE 1.83 inch TFT240*284 Bluetooth 5.1 One-pair to bluetooth calling 100+ sports modes App: Dafit


RTL8763EWE 1.39 inch 360*360 Heart Rate SensorHRS3600 Battery 200MA Charging time 2.5-3h Compatible OS:IOS 9.0+ ,Android 5.0+

Shenzhen ZhiLianShengYa Electronic Technology Co., LTD

We were founded in 2018 and are mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of smart watches and smart wearable devices. The company covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and has advanced production equipment, advanced production technology, scientific management system, perfect testing methods, and quality control methods to ensure that the product quality is excellent and reliable.

World-Class Standards

Zwear has 5 years of working experience in the field of smart watches. With our excellent product quality and service attitude, we have served thousands of customers during this period. Our firm goal has always been to make customers more satisfied. So don’t hesitate to choose us as a long-term partner. We are also one of the earliest companies to enter the smart watch industry worldwide.

Talent Process & Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of our company.

Our Certificates

Zwear is certified and approved by renowned brands, ensuring our smartwatches perform at their best.


Most Common Questions Before starting!

We hope you can identify with our products and brand. Together we can expand our market.
You should have certain financial and customs clearance strength, as our cooperation is usually cross-border or cross-regional.
We expect you to have your sales channel and your own marketing team, sales team and after-sales service team.

Under normal circumstances, we maintain 20 production lines in operation and can produce 30,000 smart watches every day. If the delivery date is tight, we can quickly increase the number to 15 production lines in 7-14 weeks depending on our models. After all, we are fully equipped.

Samples need 3-5 days, mass production needs 3-4 weeks with additional order quantity.

Yes, we can provide samples for inspection, and our minimum order quantity for mass production is 3,000.

We have been cooperating with the transport company for 5 years. We can complete the transportation for you by ship, rail or air. Generally, air transport is fast and the transportation time is only 7-10 days. If you choose ship transportation, the transportation time is 30-60 days, but the cost of ship transportation is low.

Our testing process is very strict. First, we will use the raw materials for testing, and only after they pass the test, will they be shipped.

Third, the customer confirms the sample, pays the deposit, and formally places the order. Fourth, we arrange production and delivery.



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