Custom Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frame: Best Choice To Display Your Pictures

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Do you want to display your family photos, graduation photos, childhood photos, business or educational credentials, retail adverts without sacrificing quality? Wetop Acrylic is here to help. We offer custom acrylic magnetic picture frames with a modern design highlighting enclosed pictures and artwork. Our premium picture frames have strong magnetics embedded in the corners of the rim. This ensures that your images are held together securely. Besides, our custom crystal acrylic magnetic picture frame is durable and break-resistant. It also won’t distract your original artwork.

Features of custom acrylic magnetic picture frame

An acrylic magnetic picture frame loads images without adhesive. Instead, the magnets will grab the image and secure it. Some award-winning features of Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frame include:

Optical clarity

Acrylic magnetic picture frames offer a high level of transmission that results in explicit pictures and artworks displays. They are made of thick clear plastic that provides a long-lasting display and the visual appeal of a glass holder but at a lower price.

Weather Elements Resistance

Our acrylic magnetic picture frames won’t show changes in visual appearance or physical performance. Moreover, since they are durable, shatter-proof, and resistant, they can last for over ten years.

Different configurations

You can use the single-sided enclosures for home use and double-sided displays for advert exposures. Besides, the acrylic magnetic picture frame will decorate and create warm, positive vibes in any space.

Orientation of your choice

Display in landscape or portrait orientation, and depending on the space, you can have one-sided or two-sided framing to suit you better.

Mounting made easy

You can place the acrylic picture frames on counters, walls, metal surfaces, and refrigerators. Whiteboards, lockers, and cabinets.

Chic Style

You can choose an angled back/slant, edge-grip standoffs, classic pedestal base, or self-stick (peel back design with a non-marring adhesive). Other styles available include a curved, magnetic enclosure or lightbox design framing.

Application and Use of Custom Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frame

 Ideal for displays, photos, brand blocks, and visual merchandising

  • Show off travel and family photos, memorabilia, and children’s artwork
  • Many retail businesses also use Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frame to hold premium signs. These businesses include casinos, hotels, retail stores, exhibition halls, banks, jewelry stores, pubs, cafes, information centers, and restaurants!

Why choose Wetop Custom acrylic magnetic picture frame?

Add modern and rustic guises to outdoor and indoor spaces with our stunningly crafted acrylic magnetic picture frame. Here’s why you should choose our acrylic frames:

  • Transparent polished acrylic panels
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Easy to use and perfect for constant changes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Small MOQ 50pcs only if custom acrylic magnetic picture frame from Wetop Acrylic

Whether you’re looking for bold, classic, or modern acrylic magnetic picture frame solutions, Wetop Acrylic got you covered. Our framing features highly noticeable, refined textures and grains for smooth and intriguing décors. Our acrylic picture frame offers a neat and sleek way of bringing out the best sides of your art or photos. It will make the images appear to be floating in the center for a contemporary look.

Contact us today for a shatter-proof and beautifully shaped acrylic magnetic picture for all occasions.


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